How we’re doing that?
uugot.it translates TV content live, while watching, into numerous languages via machine. Of course you might say that these translations are not 100% correct, you’re right, that’s where you jump in. You and the whole community help improving our translations. How?
All uugot.it users participate at a language course which is contextually linked with content that is being broadcasted on TV at that very moment. So, uugot.it users learn and improve their language skills while watching TV with ever-changing content. And as the content is ever-changing the course will never get boring as it will never be the same. Promise!
Among others, depending on their language skills, users are being asked to translate certain content to determine their progress. That’s how we help TV broadcasters turning monolingual into multilingual TV content and users being able to consume gramatically perfect TV-content.
So, using uugot.it makes you smarter and helps you broaden your horizon. :)
Try it now by downloading the Android app or using our web app on iOS and desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux).

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